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Driven by our passion to build software and fueled by our client success .

That’s the essence of our story.

We are a technology company dedicated and committed to helping companies
maximize their value creation through the use of technology. Ilerra was established to
change the current and commonly used software development and client engagement
models by providing an alternative to the valueless activities and delayed value creation
used by most service providers.

We obsess over our clients success and believe that success can be realized by combining a Digital Strategy with a Reliable Delivery.

We are strategists, creators, implementors and supporters of your organization’s technology needs.

Our mission is to challenge the software industry to achieve the following two goals:

1 Software should be delivered on-time with high quality, near defect-free

2 Software should bring value to users and users should enjoy and delight in the experience

Our story will continue to evolve, holding strong to the promise of changing the way software is designed, built and used.